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Resin Flooring North East understands that in a world where image is so important, shops and retail stores are not only judged by their products and their pricing, but by their appearance. Shop flooring and decor plays a large part in forming this perception. Whilst it may not be such a conscious decision by the shopper, as people we like to buy from people and places we like and admire so it stands to reason why stores spend a lot of money on shopfitting and frequent renovations to keep a fresh appearance. Shopping centres are retail battle grounds of shops often competing for the same business. Clothes shops are gathered with other clothing shops, computer retailers with other computer related shops and so on. Ultimately the ambiance and appearance forms an overall impression of the store and the brand that we as shoppers choose to buy from.

One of the largest parts of an interior decor scheme has to be the shop flooring. While some might consider it an insignificant backdrop, you should bear in mind that it covers the entire surface area of the shop, can be seen by shoppers at all times and therefore has a subtle, subconscious effect on your overall perception of the shop and brand. Shops that choose not to invest in the right flooring solution will always regret it in the long run. Cheap vinyl tiles or poor quality carpets won’t keep well and will soon look older than they actually are whilst good quality seamless resin flooring, polished concrete flooring or poured micro concrete floor toppings will keep a new feel for far longer and stand the test of time.

Shop floors and any retail environment flooring needs to be installed and fitted by experienced quality flooring operatives to ensure the seamless flooring surface chosen not only looks fantastic, but it will endure the heavy footfall of shoppers on a daily basis.

Resin Flooring North East offers many different types of seamless resin flooring and concrete materials based on preference, durability, and what kind of customers will be visiting the store. Lots of retail shops have turned to seamless resin flooring systems and poured micro concrete. Resin Flooring North East seamless customized retail flooring and shop flooring solutions include 

  • seamless liquid vinyl flooring

  • seamless resin floor screeds

  • polished concrete flooring

  • seamless poured resin flooring

  • seamless metallic resin flooring

  • seamless barefoot comfort flooring

  • seamless designer resin flooring

Each have their own pro’s and con’s but for the majority, some type of seamless resin flooring or micro concrete flooring is what suits best. It is hard wearing, comes in a broad variety of colours and finishes and is easily maintained. It is often less expensive than the options, if not at first then over time as it is very durable. However the options don’t end there either. All the above flooring options come in a variety of finishes, qualities and other options.

Whatever the environment, space, concept  or problem you can count on Resin Flooring North East to offer you the very best seamless resin flooring and micro concrete flooring solutions the latest resin flooring technology and unlimited interior design capability.

Resin Flooring North East are suppliers and installers of state of the art seamless resin flooring systems and micro concrete flooring throughout County Durham, Newcastle, Gateshead, Sunderland, Washington, Peterlee, Seaham, Tyne and Wear, Teesside, Middlesbrough, Billingham, Redcar, Marske, Stockton on Tees, Hartlepool, Darlington, Newton Aycliffe, Sedgefield, Crook , Bishop Auckland, Northumberland, Hexham, South Shields, North Tyneside, Ashington, Alnwick, Cramlington, Carlisle, Cumbria, York, Whitby, North Yorkshire, Thirsk, Ripon, Skipton, Catterick, South East England, North, East, South, West, Central London and throughout the UK. offering an unrivaled nationwide service. Contact us and we will be pleased to provide you with information about our seamless resin flooring systems and micro concrete products. Discuss your requirements, provide detailed specifications, samples of our flooring systems or a free written quotation.