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  • Microscreed decorative concrete installatiion Milton Keynes
  • Microscreed flooring installation in Aberdeen Scotland
  • Microscreed flooring installed at York property
  • Microscreed floors installed at  Weatherspoons in Staffordshire
  • Microscreed installed at domestic property in County Durham
  • Microscreed installed at North London apartment
  • Microscreed residential installation in Newcastle Upon Tyne
  • Retail microscreed installation at Aphrodite in Sunderland

Micro screed decorative concrete flooring is a modern mineral material that can be used as an alternative to conventional floor finishes and is fully compatible with underfloor heating systems..

Microscreed interiors offers an infinite number of possibilities to create a smooth seamless floor with pure clean lines.

The wide range of colours and finishes available allows you to create your interior, whether you are renovating a property or a new build.

Microscreed interiors allows you to create seamless grout free floors that are easy to maintain.

The application of finishing products will seal and protect your floor, preventing contamination from dirt and staining. Offering both matt and satin finishes.

As a natural mineral material, micro screed interiors guarantees a clean hypo allergenic environment.

If in time you wish to change the colour or the finish of  your micro screed floor, you only have to sand it down and apply a different coat of finishing product to recreate your waxed concrete floor.

Inspired from industrial flooring, whose main requirement is to be long lasting,  micro screed flooring now finds its way into all types of indoor areas, whether they be for private or public use.

This long lasting material will resist every day stains and abrasions.